PowerPoint Essentials

This course offers a firm foundation in the basics of creating a presentation, applying slide designs (and creating your own) adding transitions and animation and creating notes for yourself and your audience.  on completion you'll be able to create well laid out presentations and give them with confidence.

Who is this for?
PowerPoint now offers more creative opportunities than ever before to help make your presentations lively, informative, interesting and finished with that professional polish.  You may never have touched PowerPoint before, or may have simply found your own way through the program.  You’ll want to be producing presentations on a regular basis, either smartening up somebody else’s or creating your own.  It is also likely you will be giving them as well!

What does it cover?
This course gives you the essential skills to create presentations from scratch with confidence, modify existing presentations, produce high quality speaker notes and audience handouts and apply a variety of special effects to your presentations.  You’ll learn to use PowerPoint effectively as a communications tool, avoid some of the common pitfalls with presentations, and discover tools and useful features you can employ when giving the presentation

How long is it?
1 day or can be split into several sessions if required

Where is it run?
On your premises or via one of the training centres I use

What you'll learn ...

An overview of PowerPoint
The 3 typical uses
The main screen
The Ribbon and its tabs
Starting from scratch …
Stating with a blank presentation
The different slide layouts
Adding new slides
Changing the slide layout
Adding a little text …
Adding and editing text
Formatting text on sides
Text special effects
Duplicating text with drag’n’drop
Replacing text
Paragraph options …
Alignments, line spacing and indents
Making your point
Adding bullets for emphasis
Changing the bullet and size
Adding numbering
Becoming visual - clip art & images
Adding clip art & images
Moving and resizing
Cropping an image
Slide Designs
Applying a slide design overall
Applying to selected slides
Adding backgrounds
Adding headers & footers
Previewing the presentation
The Slide Show tab
Slide Show Icon
The different slide views
Normal view
Using Slide Sorter view
Moving slides around
Deleting slides
Hiding sides
Notes view
Adding interest …
Transitions between slides – how and when
Customising a transition
Adding a delay

Formatting an image
Adding a border
Adding a shadow, shape and other effects to an image
Bring the slide to life – adding basic animation
Adding an entrance, emphasis and exit effect
Changing the animation options
Changing when animations happen
Building a bulleted list with animation
Creating notes & handouts
Making notes as you go along
Viewing your notes
Creating handouts
Within PowerPoint
Sending your slides to Word
Giving the presentation
Screen options
Mouse pointer options
Annotating slides
Retaining/discarding annotations
Going behind the scenes
Understanding the slide masters
Modifying the slide master
Modifying the title master
Better presentations - adding tables
Inserting a table
Adding / deleting rows and columns
Changing column widths and heights
Applying table styles
Selecting pre-set designs
Setting style options
Cell alignments & text direction
Better presentations – using shapes
Creating shapes
Moving and resizing
Adding text
Formatting with colour & effects
Quick tips
Creating a presentation from an outline
Reusing slides from another presentation
Creating charts
Creating a column & pie chart
Entering the data
Formatting the chart

Download the Course Outline here