Microsoft Excel

Probably the most flexible software within the Office suite, Excel can not only cope with your calculation requirements, but also for presentating and managing data. My Excel courses span all levels from getting started to data management and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) training, together with 1/2 day masterclassess for charts, tips and tricks, and quick starts on the data analysis tools

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Everyday Excel:

Excel's a truly amazing package and this course starts you in 1st gear on the journey to learning its features. You do not need to have used Excel before taking this course as you'll learn its basic features and uses as the course progresses.

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Intermediate Excel:

Up into 2nd gear now!  This is for those who wish to advance their spreadsheet skills, particularly where spreadsheets have to be created for others to use. The course will also be of interest to those who need to use Excel's data analysis skills.

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Excel Advanced:

Moving into top gear now, this course is for those who want to delve deper into Excel's not so obvious areas and focus on problem solving using Excel features and formulas.  The content initially focuses on more complex formula construction, typically using more complex logic formulas, the CountIf and SumIf and associated functions, an introduction to macro programming, databases and data analysis.

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Excel Macros & Visual Basic for Applications (VBA):

VBA is the programming language used to enhance and extend Excel's capabilities;  if you have recorded even the simplest macro then you have used VBA!  This course is aimed at those who have a good working knowledge of Excel and want to use macros to speed up repetitive work, and have a gentle introduction to developing Excel applications using the VBA language. Despite the fact that the word "programming" can be applied here, you do not have to be a programmer to join in!

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