Database and Spreadsheet Development

VBA is the abbreviation for Visual Basic for Applications, the programing language that allows you to extend the functionality of the Office Suite?  Ever recorded a macro in Word or Excel?  Macros are just little bits of VBA code the recorder creates, and which you can replay to speed up repetitive operations, or adapt to make the software exceed its built in capabilities.

Take a simple Excel problem; a client needs to combine data for analysis from several sheets in other workbooks onto a single sheet on a weekly basis. Manual copying and pasting will work, but takes time. Using VBA to automate this operation reduces the manual time taken from 20 minutes to a few seconds.

The most dramatic result I have achieved with VBA was to automate a reporting system that effectively reduced 1 months' work to less than 30 minutes.

Not only does VBA speed up repetition, data input can be more carefully controlled using custom designed screens for your users. Checking of data, screens which are related to paper forms, push buttons for ease of use, all this can be accomplished with VBA.

VBA is available in all the of the Office suite, but most often used in Word, Excel and Access. Some projects I have developed with Excel or Access include:

  • a database to help with the compilation and tracking of questions for television quiz shows
  • a case management system for counselling
  • a training course administration system producing a variety of reports including course registers, mailing lists and statistics
  • a supplier management and evaluation monitoring system
  • an Excel based reporting system, which created a series of reports then automatically emailed various combinations of them

I offer development in two streams:

  • investigate and analyse your system and work with you to create a suitable design and then implement the solution.
  • a co-development option where we do the bits you can't or you do not wish to. This offers you a greater insight and understanding of your system enabling greater self-support, thus reducing cost of ownership.

Contact me here if you have a project which could use VBA.