Access Essentials

Do you need to get to grips with Access?  Access Essentials is an initial trip around the main areas of the program so you appreciate how and why Access works the way it does and can then become productive quickly.

Who is this for?
No knowledge of Access is assumed, but it is useful if you have an idea or project you wish to use Access for.

What does it cover?
Starting with explaining database terminology and relating it to Access, table design and structure is covered in some detail as this is, of course, key to the success of a database.  Moving on to queries, you'll learn how to use this most powerful part of Access to ensure your database does what it's supposed to!  The course finishes off with looking at Forms for data entry and updating and producing printed reports.

How long is it?
1 day or can be split into several sessions if required

Where is it run?
On your premises or via one of the venues I use.

What you'll learn ...

An Access overview
Databases & access terminology explained
Flat file v relational
Understanding Access Objects: Tables, Queries, Forms, Reports
The Navigation pane & Access views
Creating a database
Opening & closing a database
Creating a simple table
Creating fields
Field names, data types & properties
The how's & why's of primary keys
Saving tables & naming conventions
Changing the table structure
Adding & removing validation checks
Entering non negative values & upper and lower limits
Limiting data entry based on dates
Using lookups to retrieve data from another table
Adding a simple index
Setting display formats
Setting default values
Entering data
Adding records
Moving around a datasheet
Modifying & deleting records
Finding & Filtering records
Sorting data
Freezing & unfreezing columns
Moving a column
Column widths
Hiding columns
Saving changes to the layout

Understanding Queries
Creating a query
Selecting tables
Selecting fields
Specifying criteria & coping with null values
Sorting in a query
Queries with multiple tables
Viewing a query
Saving, closing, opening & running a query
Creating & customising Forms using the Wizard
Form View, Layout View & Design View
Columnar & tabular forms
Form sections
Controls & properties
Moving, sizing, aligning &
Spacing controls
Controls Tools
Lines & rectangles
Adding labels
Adding fields to forms
Adding push buttons
Providing choices with an option group
Creating & customising Reports using the Wizard
Report Basics
Creating a blank report
Creating a report using the Report wizard
Modifying a Report
Report sections
Printing objects
Grouping & sorting data

Download the Course Outline here