Digital Photography

Do you have a digital camera you would like to get more from?  Is the instruction book less than helpful?  Then I have a range of courses for you, which I have delivered extensively and have been extremely well attended.

Digital Cameras - Start Here!

If you tend to use the automatic setting all the time then this course is for you! Offered over 1 day or a series of sessions, this course revolves around your camera and understanding its settings.

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Digital Cameras and Computers:

So once the camera is covered where next? Well the next step is tackling the computer. Fortunately the software you need is freely available - Google's Picasa. This is a free program with which to download, catalogue and apply simple edits to your photos.

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Digital Cameras - Going Further!

This next level encourages you to use your photos in a meaningful way such as in fliers, posters, reports, presentations and more. I also introduce some facilities of, free photo editing software that will fulfil the majority of day to day requirements. Again, this may be run as a 1 day course or a series of sessions.

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Using for Digital Images:

A new course covering the use of digital editing software and applying it to digitial image manipulation. We keep this as practical as possible, with a broad content of resizing and cropping, image adjustment, use of layers, type and combining images.

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