Using for Digital Images

If you are really keen on digital photography you'll want to get to grips with editing images to remove blemishes, unwanted detail or combining images.  This new course covers the use of the free digitial editing software.  The course is kept as practical as possible, with a broad content of resizing and cropping, image adjustment, use of layers, type and combining images.

Who is this for?
This is designed for those who are happy using Google's Picasa photo software but want to move to the next level of editing and manipulation.  

What does it cover?
This starts from understanding the concept of the image and the canvas, moving to the tools, methods of pixel selection,  cloning to remove blemishes, using and managing layers to combine images and aid creativity, culminating in a choice of practical projects to practice your skills with.

How long is it?
1 day or can be split into several sessions if required

Where is it run?
On your premises or via one of the training centres I use

What you'll learn ... overview

The Tool Pallette

Canvas and image sizing

Adjusting images

Selecting Pixels

Inverting selections

Using the Colour Wheel

Adding Gradients

Brushes and Brush widths

Deleting pixels


Introducing Layers

Using the Layer Manager

Combining images using layers

Adding text

Each section has extensive practical examples along with projects to complete in the final sessions.

Software Links is free software and can be downloaded here.