PowerPoint Intermediate

Do you want to learn more of the capabilities of PowerPoint?  This course takes you on the of the lesser trod paths within PowerPoint to add a new dimension for your presentations.

Who is this for?
You’ll probably be using PowerPoint to produce some of your own presentations, smarten up others, or want to make them more interactive and self-running.  Happy with using the basics, you’ll want to explore more in depth use of the program.

What does it cover?
This course gives you the more in-depth knowledge of the lesser-walked paths within PowerPoint.  Beginning with a review and some ideas for a quick start, there are more detailed concepts for custom animation of shapes and text, using shapes creatively for communication, the dissection and creation of slide masters, multimedia and more advanced image techniques, finishing with creating more self-supporting and interactive shows 

How long is it?
One day as a group, or can be split into several sessions if required for individuals.

Where is it run?
On your site, at home, or via one of the venues we use.

Review of basics
Adding slides and slide layouts
Applying design templates
Getting started quickly
Using the outline feature
Creating a presentation from a Word outline
Sending an outline to Word
Reusing slides from existing presentations
Using PowerPoint sections
Ruler, indents and tabs
Animations Review & development
Entrance, emphasis and exit effects
Running effects simultaneously
Setting triggers for animations
Using motion paths
Using pre-set paths and moving/sizing
Creating your own paths
Editing and amending a path
Using AutoShapes
Creating a shape
Moving, sizing and deleting
Adding text to a shape
Text effects to shapes
Fill colours and effects with shapes
Dealing with gradient stops
Distorting and editing a shape
Adding shape effects
The Selection Pane
Naming and hiding objects
Using the alignment tools
Grouping & ungrouping objects
Aligning to slide/objects
Making groups of groups
Ordering objects
Rotating and flipping
Using connecting lines & arrows
Creating an animated diagram with shapes
Using Smart Art
Types of Smart Art
Using the Text Pane
Smart Art styles
Adding & rearranging shapes
Animating Smart Art

Slide Templates & Masters
Review of Slide Masters
Creating & applying your own master
Preserving a Master
Creating your own templates
Modifying the Notes Master
Using themes
Creating your own theme
Creating Graphs
Review of creation
Animating chart elements
Formatting individual elements
Reviewing and protecting a presentation
Using Comments
Comparing presentations
Accepting and rejecting changes
Protection options
Adding multimedia features
Adding a video clip
Video settings and options
Adding a sound clip
Sound settings and options
Creating custom shows
Creating & adding slides to a custom show
Running a custom show
More on images
Cropping to a shape
Picture layouts
Artistic effects & colour options
Removing backgrounds
Creating interactive / self-supporting shows
Recording narrations and gestures
Slide show options for self-running shows
Saving as a PowerPoint show
Saving as a video
Creating and using a pre-set Action button
Creating and using a custom Action button
Adding web and email links to action buttons

Download the Course Outline here