Training Workshops 

I realise that for many freeing time up time for a day's training is a tall order.  So I've produced a range of small workshops based on 2 to 3 hours intensive training covering specific topics.  Some samples are shown below - click the buttons to read a little more about each.

Mail Merge With Word

Need to know mail merge inside out?  This workshop explores creating letters, labels, lists from data sources such as Word, Excel and Access.

Understanding Formulae and Functions in Excel

If you need to get up to speed with creating formulae for everyday tasks, or explore what Excel's rich function set can do for you then this workshop takes you from the basics such as summing and counting, averages, to logic and combining functions.

Using Queries in Access

Access is a truly enormous package and its potential immense.  Queries are the tool that lets you join and select data from different tables, create new data, update and delete blocks of data.   If you want to harness the power of queries, come along!

Creating Leaflets with Publisher

Publisher can create leaflets more simply than you think.  This workshop give the low down on creating flyers in sizes such as A4, A5 and trifold (A4 into 3 panels) or indeed whatever size you want!

Using Styles in Word

Styles, if they were called quick formats, would be used far more than they are!  Amazingly powerful, they can cut document formatting down to a few mouse clicks when used correctly.  In fact styles underpin so many of Word's functionality, master these and you have mastered Word!

If you'd like to discuss a workshop further, just get in touch here