Word Essentials

My Word Essentials course covers topics which you'll use on a regular basis. From easy ways to improve your productivity, to coping with tables, I'll help you to get the best from Word.

Who is this for?
If you need to get up and running with Word for essential everyday tasks, or perhaps you are self-taught and maybe have missed out on some simple shortcuts and time saving features.  The course gives you a solid grounding for producing everyday documents such as letters, memos and shorter documents

By the end of the course you'll be  able to create and modify a variety of documents, create tables, and have acquired a good working knowledge for confident use of Word.

What does it cover?
Beginning with some time saving keyboard shortcuts for moving around and highlighting text, formatting text such as size, colour and alignment, spell checking, moving and editing text, together with creating and modifying tables, .

How long is it?
1 day or can be split into several sessions if required

Where is it run?
On your site, at home, or via one of the venues we use.

What you'll learn ...

Becoming familiar with Word
The Word Screen
The Ribbon & Tabs
The practicalities …
Typing, editing & deleting text
Paragraph and line breaks
Shortcuts for navigating around the document Find & replace
Moving text using drag and drop
Cut, copy & paste
Inserting symbols
Saving & opening files
Proofing your document …
Using the Spelling & grammar checker
Using the Thesaurus
Counting the words!
Smartening your document …
Selecting blocks of text – mouse & keyboard shortcuts
Where to go for formatting – fonts,
sizes & effects
Paragraph alignments
The four types of indents
The Format Painter
Borders & shading for paragraphs
& pages

Creating tables
Adding rows and columns
Altering column & row widths
Joining cells
Setting consistent widths & heights in tables
Making the point – using numbered lists and bullets
Dealing with multiple pages
The right way to add pages
Page numbering
Creating headers & footers
Make a different first page
Modifying margins
Portrait or landscape? Mixing them together
Changing the page size
Viewing & printing your pages…
Print layout versus the rest!
Viewing multiple pages
Using the Print Preview
Print the document - all or some
Printing envelopes and labels
Creating and distributing as a PDF
The shortcuts!
Let Word type! Use AutoCorrect for short blocks
Using Quick Parts (AutoText) for longer blocks

Download this course outline here