Word Report Writing

This is for you if your appetite has been whetted by the Intermediate level.  In this course, you'll learn more skills to help create longer documents such as training manuals, guide books and documents of more than 30 pages.  You'll have met and used "styles" in the Intermediate level, and now you'll delve even deeper, discovering even more ways to use them.  Are you including photos in your work?  Learn how to add captions to them and then create a table of figures.  This course gives you the competitive edge when producing your Word documents.

Who is this for?
This course is aimed for those who write and produce lengthier Word documents and need more tools and techniques to manage these efficiently.  Typically these are documents such as reports, manuals or training guides.  You should be using word on a day to day basis and be comfortable with most of the content of the Everyday Word course.

What does it cover?

By the end of the course, you'll have covered the skills to give you a competitive edge, enabling you to produce a document equivalent to the manuals that are provided with the course.

How long is it?
1 day or can be split into several sessions if required

Where is it run?
On your premises or via one of the training centres I use.

What you'll learn ...

Knowledge check - longer documents revisited
Numbering pages
Headers & footers
Making a different first page
Understanding & using Styles
The main style types
Creating, applying & modifying styles
Paragraph versus character styles
Styles in use & identifying the current style
Specifying a style for the following paragraph
Base a style on another style
Creating a Table of Contents
Using the heading styles versus using your own
Creating & updating the table
Modifying the table styles
Using Outline View
Switching to outline view
Promoting and demoting headings
Moving text around
Using Heading Numbering
Creating an Index and Automark file
Marking index entries manually
Creating an Automark file
Creating the Index
Creating a multi-level index & Automark file

Creating a Cross Reference
Creating a bookmarks
Adding the cross reference
Creating Captions
Adding a caption to an image or table
Creating a tables of figures from captions
Cross referencing a caption
Using Sections
Pros and cons of sections
Different types of sections
Continuous and next page sections
Odd and even page sections
Displaying “vanishing” section breaks
Unlinking headers and footers between sections
Using Footnotes & Endnotes
Creating a footnote
Modifying the number or symbol for the footnote
Creating the endnote
Endnote options
Using document fields
Creating Columns
Using Hyperlinks
Creating Watermarks

Download the course outline here