Word Intermediate

Would you like to be more productive with Word?  This course takes you to the next level of Word for production of professional looking documents such as reports, learning how to keep formatting consistent, as well as automating Word to make it work for you.

Who is this for?
This course is designed for those who produce lengthier Word documents and need more tools and techniques to manage these efficiently.  Alternatively, you may be producing more unusual documents which require more complex construction, particularly those distributed electronically.  You may also be faced with producing personalised documents and labels; mail merge is the ideal way to accomplish this.

What does it cover? 
The initial focus is learning to use styles as these underpin the way Word works, which links to generating a table of contents, together with a refresher on page numbering and headers and footers. We look at creating documents to capture data in an organised way to ensure that you acquire what you need.  Next we consider reviewing documents electronically, using revision tracking, and comments.  Finally we give detailed coverage of the mail merge process to produce personalised letters, labels and a variety of documents.  If time allows, then we look at some further table skills to present information clearly and efficiently, together with some thoughts for customising Word.

.How long is it?

1 day or broken into several sessions if required.

Where is it run?
On your site, at home, or via one of the venues we use.

What you'll learn ...

Understanding & using Styles
The main style types
Creating, applying & modifying styles
Paragraph versus character styles
Styles in use & identifying the current style
Creating a Table of Contents
Using the heading styles versus using your own
Creating & updating the table
Modifying the table styles
Knowledge check - longer documents revisited
Numbering pages
Headers & footers
Making a different first page
Creating forms
Why use forms?
The typical form controls
Customising the controls
Protecting the document & testing
Electronic editing - revision marking 
Understanding change tracking & mark-ups
Switching on change tracking
Reviewing changes - accepting & rejecting
Adding comments

Mail Merge
Understanding the process
Where to start – the data & the document
Joining the two & placing data
Checking & achieving the merge
Being selective – choosing who or what to merge & printing specific text
Producing labels – tips & tricks
Making your point – part two
Multilevel numbered lists and formatting lists
Table tips and tricks
Sorting a table
Repeating table titles
Using calculations in a table
Text alignments & vertical text in a table
Drawing a table
Tables within tables
Customising Word & shortcuts
The Quick Access toolbars
Personalised tabs on your ribbon
Emailing from Word
Make your own templates

Download the course outline here